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ROI System added!

Started by admin Dec 10th, 2022 at 07:39
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admin (Admin)
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Hello Members,

As you know A lot of Big PTCs has implemented ROI rule to strengthen their system and provide better earnings to users.
So Starting from Now, We will follow an ROI policy to strengthen the system and make it stable for the long term, as we are here to stay.
So the formula for the ROI calculation is: (Total withdrawn / Total invested) * 100
This rule will help members a lot and is not at all complicated. You can build your account much faster with this feature. You can rent referrals, upgrade to a new membership, and explode your earning potential. Also once you want to withdraw you can deposit again to reap much more profits.
Please note that Non Depositors are exempt from ROI. YOU DONT NEED TO INVEST TO PAYOUT!
You don't need a deposit to withdraw, YOU CAN WITHDRAW UNLIMITED! if you are a none depositor.

ROI Detail.
Free members withdraw 115% of the total deposit (Every month increase by 2% ROI)
All upgrade members withdraw 120% of the deposit. (Every month increase by 5% ROI)

I hope you can understand that it is a good feature for both members and the site.
Note : All pending payments are refunded send us to withdrawal request again and get your payment fast .


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