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Important news and changes

Started by admin Mar 25th, 2023 at 07:27
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admin (Admin)
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Hello EveryOne.
Today we changed some options in our project and all these changes are already done.
Read carefully about all changes and the latest information.

1 : Hold Balance
2 : pending payments
3 : Autopay setting changed
4 : Rented referrals Avg
5 : ROI system remove
6 : about withdraw
7 : upgrade rules removed

We modified these 7 options.

1 : Hold Balance
We added hold balance options in all member's accounts and all main balances / purchase balances moved into hold balance. (only old Funds moved into Hold Mode)
how do recover the hold balance?
Hold balance recover automatically with your deposit.
get your deposit 50% hold balance in your main balance.
For example: if your deposit is $1 you will get $0.50 additional in the main balance from the hold balance.
we added a hold balance only for stability and also for fast payment.
if you want to recover your hold balance without a Deposit you need to wait for a release date.
the release date is 8 August.

2 : Pending Payments
All pending payments are already refunded in the main balance .release your hold funds and get fast payment.

3 : Autopay Setting
Now autopay works for 11+ days for rented referrals to expire ..
if our account was deleted due to inactivity please register again.

4 : Rented Referrals Avg
We applied a new rented referrals filter for everyone.
Avg increased for all memberships if anyone facing an Avg problem sends us a support ticket.

5 : ROI Removed
Happy news for all our investors we removed the ROI rules.
we added Hold balance your all old funds to the hold balance.
now no need to follow any rules for ROI.

6 : About Withdraw
We changed the withdrawal limit for all members and I am happy to say the limit increased for everyone.

7 : Upgrade Rules
7 : we removed the rule of upgrading accounts for some countries now everyone can withdraw at any time.

Our all changes are applied and these all changes only for stability.I promise our all members we are here for the long term.
we need to add some rules for stability.

Take advantage of this good opportunity Today.
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